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Alexey Chistyakov

I'm a GUI designer, developer, and researcher

I was born in Moscow, Russia in 1982. In 2005 I began to design user interfaces as a freelancer. After 1 year, when it became clear that I’m too old for a rock star, I managed to find my first full time design job. In 2007 I started to develop on HTML/CSS/JS. Since iPhone hit the Russian market at I do GUIs for mobile platforms. In 2013 I’ve submitted my first research paper for publication.

Apart from my professional experience milestones mentioned above I’ve earned my Bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering in 2005 at Vologda State University and my Master degree in Multimedia Ambient Intelligence in 2013 at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

Here I present my CV for your review. I’ve tried to specify as much information as possible about me so you can consider if you want to collaborate with me. In case you have further questions please drop me a line

8 hours of Photoshop every day from 2K6 ...

I can Ps anything

Besides I love programing and devotedly honor web standards

Apart from being very proficient in Photoshop I did a lot of work to learn cognitivity, information perception, user interactions design and other very useful things. At the same time I dove into the HTML/CSS and web standards along with programming/scripting languages such as Javascript and PHP. Later Java and Android SDK attracted my interest so I started to learn them too.

In 2012 I applied for the Master in Multimedia Ambient Intelligence and I was admitted. Here I had a completely different kind of experience learning human-computer interaction, ambient intelligence systems, computer vision, scientific writing etc. I started to like doing academic research work and in 2013 I’ve submitted my first paper for a publication.

Let's see what I can do ...

My works

At the very dawn of my professional career I worked for small print design studios doing routine graphic design jobs. As my career elevated along with the increasing development of web technologies I was hired by bigger digital agencies to design graphical user interfaces and user interactions.

I ended up having a great experience working in different agencies in Russia, Norway, France, Spain, and counting. Nevertheless I never stop on what I’ve already achieved and I always try to move myself forward.

I'm a proud member of Behance and dribbble social networks and I consider them the best way to show my works, my attitude, and all of my capabilities.

Knowledge is power!

My publications

In June 2013 while being a Master student at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona I’ve submitted my first papers for a publication. Below is the list of my studies that I've authored and participated:

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Please review my social profiles to get clear understanding of my approach and decide if we could work together. I'm sure we could ;)

email: alexey@1giantleap.ru
phone: +34 622 833 630
skype: dolcebananas

living&working: Barcelona, Spain