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UX and Usability Engineering

Abstract: I'm a UX specialist currently located in Barcelona, Spain. I design, research and develop web-sites, mobile applications, and anything involving human-computer interaction. I'm a problem solvers with over a decade of working experience, awarded with a Master and a PhD degree in Computer Science. I combine strictly scientific approach with the state-of-the-art research methods to help my clients enhance the efficiency of their services.

Keywords: user experience, user interface, design, usability, human-computer interaction, user metrics, user research, front-end.


User Experience

UX is not just a fancy looking visuals, it is a sophisticated process intended to generate and maintain positive attitude of your clients towards your product throughout the whole user journey. From the moment a user sees your ad to the moment she tells friends and family how good your service was, all this has to be flawless and stable all along the timeline.

Defining the user experience is one of my main fields of expertise. For years I was developing UX for different services, involving different target audiences and interaction paradigms. I can help you to establish a good, well thought UX and iterate it to the very perfection.

Usability Engineering

Usability is the degree to which a software can be used by specified consumers to achieve quantified objectives. In majority of cases it's one of the main factors defining the user experience. Usability directly responsible for conversion rates and forms attitude towards your app or service you provide in general. Therefore, it is vitally important for an application to have better usability.

Usability engineering is a term defined by Jacob Nielsen [2]. It is a set of procedures intended to (i) analyse the user interaction model, (ii) setup tests, and (iii) conduct proper studies. I can help you to measure usability parameters, identify problems and propose adequate solutions.

UI Design & Visuals

Usability and UX are very important to keep your customers satisfied, though good looking apps make people go back to them. This is why clean, modern visual design is one of the main components of a good UX and Usability.

I have a lot of experience in visual design and original approach to the problem. Either it is a local re-design work or a design from scratch, it will be delivered to you the best way possible.


Alexey Chistyakov

UX & UI Design, Usability Metrics, Front-end Development

Usability engineer with almost a decade of work in the industry. Started as a user interface designer back in 2006.

Awarded with a Master of Science degree in Multimedia Ambient Intelligence and PhD in Computer Science. Authored 6 papers on the human-computer interaction and the stereoscopic depth perception. Proud member of the W3C community.


I can not disclose most of my work due to the NDA obligations, yet please check how I work on my social profiles @behance and @dribbble.


So far I've authored 6 papers describing my studies in the human-computer interaction and the stereoscopic depth perception. For the full list of publications please refer to my google.scholar profile.


I have almost a decade of working experience, here are the short list of companies I worked with through years: Quantumart, Gazprom, Tele2, Aitech, Ayalo, Appsolute, SmartMedia, and others.

Please consider reviewing my @linkedin profile, to get an understanding of my work experience and read the testimonials.


Ready when you are!

Probably, you have already formed an opinion about me and my approach. If you look for someone to outsource your UX routines, make your service more efficient, you think I can be anyhow valuable for your ongoing project, you have other enquiry, or you just wanna say "Hi" (why not?!), do not hesitate to contact me at any moment. I'm always open for collaboration!

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